OnePlus 6T Release Date, Price & Specification in India

OnePlus 6T Release Date, Price & Specification in India :

One plus 6T

  • Next OnePlus  smartphone probably is to be called the OnePlus 6T, will reportedly launch in October this year. While the unveiling of the successor to OnePlus 6 is not far off, a new report has provided more details on the upcoming smartphone. The OnePlus 6 had arrived in May 2018, and given the company’s launch schedule in the last couple of years, the five-month gap does not seem surprising.


  • Additionally, the trend with higher prices will apparently continue as the price of the handset is expected to go to $550 (roughly Rs. 38,400). However, the most interesting thing to look forward to is that the OnePlus 6T will reportedly be backed by a major US carrier for the first time, in this case, T-Mobile.


  • There’s also talk of it being one of the first phones to run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855. OnePlus and Qualcomm are long-term hardware partners, the success of the OnePlus 6 might be convince the chip maker to release an early batch of the 7nm Snapdragon 855 for the OnePlus 6T. We think the Snapdragon 845 is a much more likely choice, but we hope to be corrected on that.


  • OnePlus has reportedly signed a deal with T-Mobile, meaning that the OnePlus 6T will the first smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer to be sold by a US-based network operator. The one and only issue with the US launch could come from the testing required by T-Mobile to get certification on the network. OnePlus is said to be in the process of getting a “technical approval”.


  • Wireless charging, waterproofing, a notch-free 19:9 display, an in-display fingerprint scanner and up to five cameras could be in store for the upcoming OnePlus 6T release, which we may see as soon as October. That’s even more exciting now the in-display fingerprint sensor will be reserved for only the premium Galaxy S10 models.


  • Now that Oppo has revealed its R17 (on sale 23 August) we have a good idea as to what the OnePlus 6T might look like, too. (Although the company says there is no link, the rest of the world thinks otherwise.)


  • The good news is that the Oppo R17 still features a screen notch, which was hated by OnePlus fans, it is now much smaller and almost triangular shape.

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